By utilizing 0.5mm off center spoke drilling from the hub centerline our Equalizer technology allow for the use of equally tensioned spokes on both sides of the wheel. Equal length spokes at equal tension make for a super strong wheel that is perfectly balanced from side to side.

TRS (Tubeless Ready System)

Tubeless Ready System = Universal Valve + Rim Tape + Sealant

INDICATOR (patented)

Our 0.3mm deep circumference line appears on both sidewall surfaces. When the sidewall becomes thinner the color of indicator become lighter and hard to tell the difference between the CNC machining and the indicator, it’s recommended to replace the rim.


Ever been barreling down the side of a mountain only to experience the dreaded ‘snake bite’ flat? Alex’ ASB design minimizes pinch flats caused by sudden impacts under low pressure conditions. The unique hook bead at the top of the rim profile cradles the tire as it compresses under load, protecting the tube and preventing a ride-ending pinch flat.


A well balanced wheel is the difference between a good wheel and a great wheel. ALEXRIMS Welded Joint rims provide a balanced feel so that every stroke of the pedals is transferred to the road or trail. In fact we think that a balanced wheel is so important that we build over 24 High Quality welded joint rims.


To shield is to protect or to cover the joint of the rim halves. Sleeve joint secures more than a pin joint, it’s surface contact with the rim’s inner wall is increased yet we’re able to maintain it’s lightweight properties.

SSL (Scandium Super Light)

Scandium Super Light is a space age material developed in our hi-tech 3C division. SSL is stronger, lighter & more rigid than any other alloy rim material. So if you want to go fast, you need an Alex SSL designed rim.

CSW (CNC sidewalls)

Precision CNC machined sidewalls smooth out the sidewall and improve the braking efficiency. CNC sidewalls are at the top of our range of product options.

GSW (Ground Sidewalls)

Precision ground sidewalls eliminate surface imperfections, add value and improve brake efficiency.

CP (Chrome Plated)

Show chrome looks great and is long lasting. And is the choice of Pro BMX around the world.

ASE (Aluminum Single Eyelets)

Aluminum eyelets reduces stress on the rim and offers better vibration absorbtion than stainless steel. It’s lighter than stainless ones and will be standard for our top level rims made of SSL (Scandium Super Light)

SSE (Stainless Single Eyelets)

First developed by Alex in 1995, the SSE , improves seating of the nipple head for a better built wheel.

SDE (Stainless Double Eyelets)

Developed by Alex in 2000, the DSE is utilized in superlight rims providing for excellent quality wheels, within 0.02 mm tolerance.