Owners Manual


Thank you for choosing Alexrims, an experienced team dedicated to the design, engineering and production of high quality bicycle wheels. To keep your Alexrims wheels in top performing condition, we recommend that a qualified bicycle mechanic periodically service the wheels and check for excessive wear, improper or loss of spoke tension, worn and/or broken parts. If you detect any of these issues with your wheels, please STOP USE IMMEDIATELY and bring them to an authorized Alexrims service center for inspection. When properly maintained, Vant wheels will bring you many years of riding enjoyment. For more information, please visit: www.alexrims.com.


Please read this entire Owner’s Guide before using your Alexrims wheels. Bicycle wheels require specific knowledge, skills and tools for proper installation and maintenance. All Alexrims wheels should be installed and serviced by a qualified bicycle mechanic using appropriate tools. Alexrims assumes no liability for products which are improperly installed, negligently maintained or used for a purpose other that for which they were designed. Failure to comply with any part of this Owner’s Guide may result in injury or death.


To obtain service under this warranty, the original owner must contact his or her place of purchase (seller). The seller must then contact an authorized Alexrims service center and follow further return procedures. The consumer or seller must provide valid proof of purchase by the original owner. Warranty will be automatically voided if product is modified or if original engraved numbers are removed. For a listing of Alexrims service centers, please visit: www.alexrims.com


Your new Alexrims product is warranted for a period of TWO YEARS FROM THE ORIGINAL OWNER’S DATE OF PURCHASE. The warranty is expressly limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part and is the sole remedy of the warranty. The warranty applies only to the original owner and is not transferable. Proof of purchase is required to validate warranty eligibility. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, routine maintenance, improper installation or improper use of the product. Validation of warranty claims for parts and/or service will be determined at the sole discretion of Alexrims, Alexrims Affiliates and Subsidiaries. Modification of the product in any manor shall void the warranty. ALEX GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY, INC nor any of its subsidiaries shall not be responsible for incidental or individual costs incurred by the warranty service provider that are not covered by this warranty. The user assumes the risk of any personal injury or property damage, including damage to the product, and any other losses, if the product is modified or improperly used at any time. This warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights and those rights vary from state to state and country to country. This warranty does not affect the statutory rights of the consumer.


RIMS FOR DISC BRAKES: 1. Do not use rim brakes on wheels designed for use with disc brakes. 2. Inspect rims before every ride. If there is visible damage, discontinue use immediately. RIMS FOR RIM BRAKES: 1. Inspect brake pads for excessive wear before every ride. 2. Inspect rims before every ride. If there is excessive wear or visible damage, discontinue use immediately.


1. Inspect spokes and nipples before each ride for improper tension or damage. 2. Check if the rim is true. If the rim is not true, seek a qualified bicycle mechanic for service. 3. If any spokes are damaged, bent or missing, replace with a genuine Alexrims supplied spoke.


1. Inspect hubs before each ride for proper function and adjustment. 2. Hubs should be serviced by a professional mechanic at least once per year. 3. Rear hub drive system should be cleaned and lubricated frequently 4. If riding in excessively wet or muddy conditions, service hubs after each ride.


The bearings are preadjusted in the factory but must be re-adjusted after an initial wear-in period of about 50-100 km for optimal use and long product life. Incorrect adjustment of the play can damage the bearings or seriously alter their performance. Before making any bearing adjustments, make sure that the axle end screws or nuts are correctly tightened. The play in the bearings can be adjusted by screwing or unscrewing the side caps on the hub with the proper tools. NOTICE: Before replacing bearings consult with your authorized Alexrims service center.


1. Alexrims Quick Release skewers should only be used with forks which have a retention tab on the dropout to prevent accidental wheel disengagement. 2. Make sure you know how to install and remove your wheels safely. 3. Understand and apply the correct technique for clamping your wheels in place with a quick release. 4. Ensure that your wheels are securely attached before each ride.

A. Start in the open position

B. Lever should become harder to close at position

C. Lever should be fully closed at position

D. Adjust the lever’s tightening amount by turning the nut to set proper tension.